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Founded in 2012 by international astrologer Kim Falconer and Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Astrology is where you learn both astrology and law of attraction. Jump to posts.

By studying at Good Vibe Astrology, you will get on board with your divine nature. Recognize your worthiness. See your perfection. Love yourself unconditionally. This is what Good Vibe Astrology is all about – a fast track to ‘know thyself’ and others, opening doors to the infinite possibilities of creation.

Learn how to harness the stars to support your highest expansion and amp up success through courses, one on one tuition, tutorials, call-ins and audio-video resources. We cover the BASICS. of signs, planets, houses and aspects to ADVANCED categories like midpoints, asteroids, horary, Draconic, Aries Point, Vertex and medical astrology.

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