Kim Falconer and Jeannette Maw

Who are Kim Falconer and Jeannette Maw?

Kim Falconer, Gemini, is a world class astrologer, author of the most amazing fantasy fiction books you’ll ever get your hands on, and a real life witch residing in Australia. She’s provided astrological instruction and guidance for over 40 years and is highly sought after for private readings. More about Kim . . .

Jeannette Maw, Libra, is a law of attraction coach who has been inspiring others to embrace their manifesting powers for over a decade. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with a menagerie of rescued dogs and cats. More about Jeannette . . .

Together Kim and Jeannette deliver a leading edge meld of the wisdom of the stars combined with the power of deliberate creation. Listen to the audio interview on what inspired them to bring Good Vibe Astrology to the world:



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