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Terry Natal for Chart Chat

Composite chart Marilyn and Terry

Marilyn and Terry Synastry for February 2018 Chart Chat

Marilyn Natal for Chart Chat Feb 2018

Zeke Solar Return ~ Sedna/Moon/PoF

Marilyn's Progressed Chart

Jacqueline Gates Natal

My Pre Natal Solar Eclipse with Sedna

Chart reference for the Home Sweet Home course!

Natal chart

Natal Chart

Natal chart for Jules Apollo (Julie Apolinario)

Natal chart with aspects

Natal chart

Meg Alexander Natal Chart

Hi! Chart for Elizabeth Tuckwell

The Superior Conjunction of Venus

Natal Chart

Here's my Venus Chart...enjoy!

Lagna-12 degrees Virgo(Hasta)Pada 1
Sun-23 degrees Cancer(Ashlesha)Pada 3
Moon-27 degrees Pisces(Revathi)Pada 4
Mars-24 degrees Scorpio(Jyestha)Pada 3
Mercury-28 degrees Cancer(Ashlesha)Pada 4
Jupiter-12 degrees Gemini(Ardra)Pada 2
Venus-16 degrees Gemini(Ardra)Pada 3
Saturn-19 degrees Taurus(Rohini)Pada 3
Rahu-10 degrees Gemini(Ardra)Pada 2
Ketu-10 degrees Sagittarius(Moola)Pada 4



All roads lead to Rome, the final dispositor Sun in Leo in 5th house for all planets...

chart collected on 12.19.2017

Birth Chart

Natal Chart for Parisa

Progressed Chart marilyn

Natal with Lunar Return

Current Lunar Return for marilyn

Andrew - solar chart natal

Andrew Natal with adjusted time.

Michael's Natal Chart

My birth chart

Natal chart with packed 8th house.

Here's my OOB chart.

Just realized I have 29 degrees in Venus and mars.

Looking at Jupiter in Scorpio.

Shannon's Full chart

Shannon's chart

jacque nov chart

Here's my Jupiter chart with transits & progressions. Looks interesting!

Natal Chart

If you'd like to check out my natal chart 🙂

I posted one earlier but, realised I made a mistake...this is the correct one

Natal Chart for Jinjer

Natal Chart created by Astrovedas

Ramp up chart with transits toward the upcoming Full Moon in Aqua on 8/7.

Marie's Mars Return 20 August 2017

Eros Return / Psyche on my Sun... and Venus on my Ascendant

Natal chart created by Kim Falconer.

Here's US actress Gillian Anderson's chart...enjoy!

I decided to do a synastry of me & Gillian Anderson

Birth Chart

My chart of the moment on June 20 - Summer Solstice

Seeking clarity on Venus Libra Final Dispositor, loops etc?

Karma Synastry chart for Call #5, me and my sister.

May 16th transits for my dialed in call

Natal chart for Liliane

The Node/Saturn/Uranus Trine

Stella Seaspirit Natal Chart

My Natal Chart with aspects to Chiron, AC, True Lilith, True NN & SN

Natal chart with some asteroids and Uranian objects

Marie's Solar Return chart 2018 -2019

jacques natal chart

Marilyn's Dispositors

Sign & House Dispositor Hierarchy for Dispositor Post

Mermade's Mother's Chart (Karma)

Mikey is my son... how fun to consider his chart too in the Karma Course 🙂

My Natal Chart

Venus Rx Ephemeris

Here's my birth chart

Sarah Natal Chart Wheel

Mermade Venus Retrograde

I would like a general overview to get some perspective and empower myself. I'm a single mom who recently started over again. I have set up two exes with house, business, etc. And walked away empty. Not this time. Any help greatly appreciated

Not sure what goes here. I hopefully uploaded my astrology chart below. I am a newbie to astrology.

Natal chart

Pluto Forming a YOD by Transiting inconjunct to natal Sun sextile Mars


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