Welcome to our Astro-LOA Courses page. Here you’ll find a growing list of astrological explorations through the lens of the law of attraction. How do they relate? Think of your astrology chart as a road map. It tells you the lay of the land. Here are the mountains. There is the ocean. You wouldn’t ask the map to tell you where to go. But, you would look at the map before you packed to anticipate what you might need to take along, or pick up on the way.

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PS Consciousness = infinite possibilities. We decide. Astrology = a map that gives us insights to our infinite possibilities of expression. Let’s not put the map in the driver’s seat; let’s do learn how to read it. Go here for a GVA Youtube podcast where Kim and Jeannette talk about using astrology and the law of attraction to brighten our self-awareness an leverage joy, abundance, love and well-being.

What People are Saying About our Courses at Good Vibe Astrology

Thank you for another great call! Also for the little guide book about the ascendant and dwads and decans. It’s so cool!

- D.R.

Thank you for being so clear, Kim. I'm SO happy that I posted the questions. This changes the way I see my chart. And myself. Bless you!

- Brenda

Wow Kim... you feel so on fire with this Medical Astrology. I love every word. Amazing course!

- M. Scott

Kim, your Body Wisdom Calls are a true gi ft of wisdom and insights. I love listening to the recordings. So much to take in.

- Donna

I love this course. I am a long-time student of astrology and I briefly thought about skipping forward to other courses, but something told me I should start at the beginning and I am so glad I did.

- Jacqueline M.

Ive been going over past courses in my car while driving to work BTW, there's such great stuff there. Thank you so much!

- Paua

Oh my gosh.  I'm a little speechless at your talk re the solar return and transits.  Holy moly.  Beyond the beyond and boy, my mind is blown - in totally a good awesome way.

- Jinger

Thank you so much, Kim! As always, your insights are spot on and super inspiring!

- Adrianne

I LOVE this course! It’s been so illuminating as well as actionable.

- Jennifer C.

The insight you offered on the call today was incredible. I love how astrology plays a role of holding space for manifesting.

- Jennifer H.

I am learning so much and enjoying every single minute of it. I don’t think you will ever understand how powerful the information you are providing is!

- Patricia B.

You gals are simply stunning … so beautifully sharing of your wisdom and experience. Great mentors – THANK YOU.

- Marilyn S.

I listened to all your recorded calls and have learned so much about myself! It’s like a veil was uncovered and I can see . . .

- Christina B.

Kim & Jeannette are the most effective teachers. Just awe inspiring as you learn and, it sticks!

- Chris C.

This is probably the most profound reading I've ever had! Your insights have helped me to make sense of things...

- Kym S.

OMG ... this is AWESOME, Kim.  Thank you so much for taking the time reply in detail to my questions. I'm printing it out now and will read your answers again and again!

- K. Cooper