Body Wisdom – 5 Week Course

NorthernLightsbyLucyCampbell - Body WisdomNorthern Lights by Lucy Campbell – The Body Wisdom Course

Welcome to Body Wisdom. This course is delivered by Jeannette Maw and Kim Falconer via your email inbox.

In Body Wisdom, we explore the relationship between the body, image and self-esteem. Also, we’ll look at health and well being, success and manifesting. Yes, your body has a big say in these things too. Above all, we make the connection between your astrological chart and your physicality to help you glean, maybe for the first time, the wisdom your body has to offer.

Body Wisdom Topics Include:

  • How to do a body scan
  • Messages from the body and how to hear them
  • The ascendant and 1st house and body type
  • The Moon and her aspects – food, love and nurturing
  • The 6th House and health or dis’ease’
  • Your Astro-identity
  • Transits and your body
  • Venus and sensuality
  • Basics of Medical Astrology
  • Addictions and habits and set-points
  • Payoffs
  • The body and the Vortex
  • Forming a new relationship to your body

The course is delivered over a series of five weeks and includes:

  • Five call recordings
  • Chart examples
  • PDF resources
  • Video tutorials
  • Access to a private forum where you can ask questions and talk to Kim and Jeannette
  • Support, Q & A and community for your Astro-LOA learning


If you aren’t Astro-savvy we recommend you take the free trial course – Essential Astro-LOA Tools beforehand, or concurrently with the Body Wisdom Course. It covers the four building blocks of Astrology: Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects in six recordings, delivered by Jeannette & Kim.

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