Welcome to Talkshoe!

This is our conference call host and where you can join calls, stream on line and listen to calls once they have been recorded.

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-8-47-31-amTalkshoe Tips

If you are using Talkshoe for the 1st time, you’ll want to read these tips! No download is required, and you can either stream the live call or call in live!

The very 1st thing to do is decide whether or not you’d like a Talkshoe account. Once again, this is free! You don’t need one to join the calls, but if you’d like to participate in chat and/or call in, your username will show, and it’s easier for us to know who is chatting or speakingSmile

If you’d like a Talkshoe account, go to this link:
There are a few easy questions to answer, along with your preferences, such as ‘Show Age’. Your PIN will be the phone number you’ll be using if you call in.

Click Create User and you’re done!

If you want a Talkshoe account, create it at least an hour before call time. This gives you loads of wiggle room Smile

If you do not want to create a Talkshoe account now, instructions for joining a call follow.

For Everyone – Talkshoe accounts and non-accounts:

Click on the link for the call. You will be taken to the call page.
To join chat, click the large purple Talkshoe Live! Join In button. This will take you to the chat and streaming page. No download is required!!

If you’d like to call in, dial 744-444-7444. Enter the call ID (for this call the ID is 39932#- you must enter the # sign.
Then you will be asked for your PIN. If you have a Talkshoe account, enter that number followed by the # sign.
If you do not have a Talkshoe account, enter 1 followed by the # sign.

Although the call is free, you may have call charges, depending on your phone service plan. You may use VOIP such as GoogleVoice and Skype, as well as a mobile phone or landline.

When calling in, the host has the option of muting you if needed due to background noise. You can also mute yourself using your phone’s Mute button. If you have background noise, PLeAse mute yourself! The line picks up keyboard noise, barking dogs from next door, TV, and all manner of things other than your voice.

The host also has the option of muting everyone.

If you want to use both the chat and call in live, here’s how to do that.

If you have a Talkshoe account, dial in first and then use the link to go to chat. You will be asked for your username and password both times, and since you’ve logged in on the phone, the streaming audio will not play on the Talkshoe page.

If you don’t have a Talkshoe account and you’ve dialed in, the system may not recognize you when you log into the Talkshoe page. Make sure you mute the streaming audio using the volume slide bar. Otherwise you’ll be getting feedback and it will sound very confusing.

Using chat:

Your chat/ listen in window will vary depending on whether you are on a PC or a Mac, and which browser you are using.

Once you’re at the chat window, you’ll see a large box which shows you who is logged in. Below that is a smaller box with a large green arrow on the right.

This smaller box is where you will type for chat. Click the green arrow when you want to post what you’ve written, or hit your Enter key.

When someone replies to you with your Username, it shows in orange in the larger chat box.

If you want to reply to someone specifically, type in their username as it shows in the chat box. Please note that the reply shows up for EVERYONE – it is NOT a private message!

Example: my name shows as ‘Annette1’. To get my attention, you would use Annette1 in your chat message.

Normally on these calls we experience a high volume of participants. The chat can get very active! If this is your 1st time on a call with Jeannette & Kim or the 1st time using Talkshoe, I would suggest focusing on what they are saying, and using the chat only if you have a question.

I also suggest logging in to Talkshoe a few minutes early.

Sometimes it takes more than one log-in, and the calling process also takes a few moments, with entering the ID and PIN.