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Hi everyone, are you ready for Home Sweet Home?

This is our first course series for 2018 and it will focus on the 4th house, the roots of the chart and how that inner core of well being radiates out into everything we do, want or desire.

Home Sweet Home Call Series for GVA Members

This is about leveraging all things ‘home’ in the chart, ie the Moon, Eclipse transits, progressed Moon, 4th house ruler, planets in the 4th, aspects to the IC – to manifest our best home life ever, inner and outer.
We have fab stories and examples around house hunting, living with neighbors, feeling emotionally grounded, living with family, connecting to parents or family elders…
We’ll also look at the notion of relocation and manifesting. Does it matter, or do we take our vibe with us?
For Q & A on the call, make sure your chart is uploaded to the gallery.If you need help, shoot your chart to Kim and she’ll pop it up for you.

Call Date and Time

The call starts ONLINE January 23rd, and our first call in will be FEBRUARY – TBC. The venue is changing up, so stand by for those details. All GVA CIRCLE members will be emailed updates prior to the call. Times below.

More Details on the Home Sweet Home post.

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gva_logo2First Align with the Stars Calls

Listen to the call where we talk about the superior conjunction and Pluto in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th house with example charts. We also explore “magic eye” manifesting, finding current core values and how the conjunction works in a planetary return chart.

Align with the Stars Call – January 2018

Align with the Stars Call Chat with links to the example charts:



We talked about the major event (on that day) of Venus conjunct the sun/Pluto, a major point in the mystical cycles of Venus.