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For current Body Wisdom course.
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My chart reference for the Home Sweet Home course!
Caritas Midpoints
Melissa McLawhten's natal chart - no frills
Here's my chart...hope I've done this correctly. Enjoy!
Dream come true astrology Call #4
Here's my Pluto Chart...will read more into it later.
Janette's Pluto Focus Wheel
Jeannette's Pluto Focus Wheel
Julie's Pluto Focus Wheel
Kim's Focus Wheel - Pluto
jacque eclipse day
Dr David R Hawkins
Hi's my chart in preparation for the upcoming Solar Eclipse.
Natal Chart created by Astrovedas
Here's my chart for the upcoming Astrological event.
As requested for the course, here is my chart
Kendall E.'s natal chart for the Dream Come True course.
Julie's Natal Chart
Here's my Natal Chart with lines.
chart examples Karma Synastry
Mer & Shawnkar (my boyfriend) Karma Course Synastry for Call #5.
Me and my boyfriends Mother's synastry, for Karma Course Call #5.
Karma Synastry chart for Call #5, me and my sister.
Karmic Synastry Example
jacque karma chart
jacques natal chart
Alice's Karma Chart
Significant part of my upbringing, especially around my relationship with Venus.
Marie Natal Chart Karma Course
This is just a visual sketch I made along with my home'work', to help me visualize the targeted items.
karma chart for Jeannette
FredH Karma Chart
Fred Karma Chart
Marilyn's Karma Course Chart
Quilly's Karma Chart
Caritas' Karma Chart
Sarah Karma Chart
Posting my natal chart for the Astro-LOA-Karma Course <3
Birth is unknown so I've posted her 'solar chart' which puts the Moon at the noon position (so it's accurate to 6 degrees before or after) and the sun on the Ascendant. We read the solar houses.
Here's my Karma Chart....looking forward to this unique course. Thank you for bringing this Kim.
Natal Chart for Karma Course
Janette's chart for Karma course
sue natal chart for karma course
My chart as per Kim's directions 🙂
Chart adjusted as per Kim's instructions to include Chiron, Pars fortune, and some fixed stars
For Karma course
Jeannette's Karma Course Natal
Kim's Karma Chart
Kim's 2016 Solar Return for Chart Reading Like a Pro example
Murry Magic
Summer of Love
Long-term Relationship
Facebook Hubby
Natal chart
Natal Chart
Natal Horoscope
Natal plus asteroids.
GVA's Jeannette with a fabulous YOD.
Kim's Natal with some asteroids included.