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Sample Daily Astro-LOA Flash

Friday, August 24th Astro-LOA Flash

The Astro: Moon into Aquarius, the shadow sign of the next full moon, squares Uranus,  semi-sextiles Saturn, sextiles Chiron, and conjuncts the South Lunar Node, activating the recent eclipse at 4 Aquarius.

This is great for objectivity, clarity and a new perspective, as long as you aren’t sucked into old emotions or stagnant feelings. The quick way to tell is to tune into your body. If you feel edgy and ready to snap, or overwhelmingly exhausted, it’s a sign of a wrong-for-you goal. (Unless you’re in the early days of a major detox!) You can also check for any erratic actions that have you running in circles.

Listen to the messages coming your way and leverage this energy to:

1) get current with your goals, even if they are simply to rest and recuperate
2) make peace with the past through objectivity and releasing resistance
3) welcome inspiration

The upcoming full moon is just delightful, so do a little mental housework now to make room for the magic.

gva_logo2Love & Light

Kim and Jeannette