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The Astro: On the last day of the dark moon, set a conscious intention to let go. Visualize tension, strain and anxiety vanishing as you melt into a warm aura of serenity and peace. Do what feels the most relaxing as you rest, restore, recover.The approaching New Moon is perfect for setting intentions, pre-paving desires and focusing energy on the next big thing, but often we’re too busy to be in touch with how we really feel.

As the dark moon deepens, look back over the last 28 days, asking what came to be. What could use some tweaking? Is there any dead wood to prune?

Aligning with the current Astro can help you find the answers now, before the New Moon rises in your time zone, and turn that awareness into a powerful transformation.

Let’s all get the most out of the Aries energy by declaring today a celebration of ease. Let the trumpets blare tomorrow, because for now, we sigh into the pillow…

New Moon @15° Aries 17′
LA – April 5 – 1:51am
NY – April 5 – 4:51am
LON – April 5 – 9:51am
SYD – April 5 – 7:51pm

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