Essential Astrology

Essential Astro LOA CourseCourse #1

Study the building blocks of Astrology and deliberate creation with our introductory course

First of all, it’s free, our gift to you.

The Essential Astro LOA series includes six downloadable recordings. You’ll also have PDF’s, video tutorials and guided study exercises. Jeannette and Kim are here for Q & A in the comments and on the monthly GVA Calls.

Join us as we walk you through the signs, planets, houses and aspects so you can begin to master the language of the universe.

Essential Astro LOA Details

This is a ‘Hands On’ course with example charts and ongoing Q & A with Kim and Jeannette in the comments below.

You’ll have access to us!

Join in, and learn the essential building blocks of astrology and law of attraction.

Duration: Complete at your own pace.

See you in the GVA Member Forum.

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Example Charts:

Will Smith

Angelina Jolie






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