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Emesto Arrisueno

Welcome to our GVA Member offerings page. Here you’ll find a variety of insight, help and support from LOA Coaching practices, astrology, tarot, counseling and other healing/helping arts from members of GoodVibeAstrology.com.

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Soul Lyrical

FullSizeRenderYou do not know, what you do not know.
It’s a double bind maxim that’s absolutely correct, but also the worst kind of self-limiting belief. That’s where my passion for cartomancy (divination via tarot and oracle cards) sweeps in like the best kind of fairy goddess telling you all that’s shit, here take this pack of cards and empower yourself. I bought my first tarot deck for my first Mother’s Day, 13 years ago, and said it was okay, my son was too little to buy them for me and he’d absolutely love me to have them. I’ve been reading for myself ever since, but took the leap of faith about a year ago to start reading for others after my Higher Self dared me to 10 days of brazen acts. My first brazen act was to offer a colleague in Tasmania a free reading. It turned out okay, and so I spent nine months or so, testing and exploring and seeing how I needed to read for me, my soul purpose and the clients I was attracting.

Using the Cards

I have never used cards to predict the future. I’ve always used them as a mirror to delve deep into the places of myself I haven’t been able to find alone. I’ve used them to deconstruct my old stories and write new stories. And like astrology, used them to get an energetic feel around an issue, or for what’s heading my way. They are never deterministic. You do not hand your free will over to the cards. They are merely a way of getting a new perspective on yourself, on issues that perplex you or the current lay of the land that is your life. They’re also a line to The Universe, because not everyone has their spiritual guidance on speed dial.
They have never failed as a perfect companion to astrology and law of attraction. For me, the three are a beautiful and deeply insightful trinity. They segue beautifully as poetic prompts, as talking prompts, as daily doses of inspiration (like you might find in a desk top calendar or in Instagram quotes). And they are all yours, all the time. Their battery never goes flat. They’re never too busy for you. And they don’t require a wifi connection. They are an old world tool constantly reinventing and finding new relevance and resonance in an increasingly digitised world seeking new opportunities for unity, love and compassion.
I do private readings, but I am as equally passionate about the spreads I create and share so people can do their own readings, dive into their soul work, and the online circle work where we all learn from each other.
Soul Lyrical is my soul and cartomancy home. http://soullyrical.com
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Mermade Trove

MermaidTrove_smMermade Trove is a collection of resources and insights, shining lights on links between you and Tropical Astrology. A blend of unique visual art and textual interpretation of astrological forecasting – all custom by Mermade. Work on your own with the trove interpretations and blog posts, book a consultation with Mermade – or do both! As a forever student of astrology, I intuitively know that we are equipped with everything we need to understand our own birth charts and life path’s ~ however you may call them. I also know that connecting with a soul, on a similar path, can help bring to the surface things we may not have otherwise perceived. Let’s learn – together. Please continue to check back to Mermade Trove for updates and additions. We launched at the Spring Equinox of 2017 in “lite” mode, and are currently working toward a full-on trove of treasures. Love & Light.

Website: http://www.mermade-trove.com

Consults: http://www.mermade-trove.com/consultations/ – perfect for both individuals new to astrology and those with a basic or advanced understanding of astrology.