Hands-On Astrology for Deliberate Creators

Hands-On Astrology for Deliberate Creators

Welcome to Hands-On Astrology for Deliberate Creators. This course is delivered by Jeannette Maw and Kim Falconer via your email inbox in 5 weekly units with a total of 5 recordings and bonus materials.

Join us as we explore your astrology and the mastery of deliberate creation. Our aim is to leverage the wisdom of your chart for even better manifesting.

Realize this is a practical course with example charts and ongoing discussion. You’ll have access to us, and a forum where we can all jump in and discuss our charts.

Topics For Hands-On Astrology for Deliberate Creators:

  • Astrology and the Law of Attraction
  • Expressing the horizon – Ascendant and Descendant – You and Others
  • Neptune and floating downstream
  • Self-Love, Venus and the Moon
  • Your personal Zodiac
  • Jupiter and scripting
  • Exploring planetary placements for the best manifesting mojo

The course is delivered over a series of five weeks and includes:

  • Five call recordings
  • Natal chart examples and discussion
  • PDF resources
  • Video tutorials
  • Ongoing access to a private forum where you can ask questions and talk to Kim and Jeannette
  • Support, Q & A and community for your Astro-LOA learning

Prerequisites for Hands-On Astrology for Deliberate Creators

If you aren’t Astro-savvy we recommend you take the free trial course – Essential Astro-LOA Tools beforehand, or concurrently with the Hands-On Astrology for Deliberate Creators. It covers the four building blocks of Astrology: Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects in six recordings, delivered by Jeannette & Kim.

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