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Founded in 2012 by astrologer Kim Falconer and Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw, Good Vibe Astrology merges astrology and law of attraction to enhance any deliberate creation practice.

The courses and calls at GVA teach how to harness the symbolism in your horoscope to support dream-come-true manifesting. Step by step, we take you on a journey that will blast through set-points, release resistance and see you on your way to the alignment you’re after. Read what others are saying…

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No previous knowledge of astrology is needed, but for accomplished astrologers wanting to hone their Astro-skills, Kim offers advanced courses, posts and discussions in categories such as midpoints, asteroids, horary astrology, Draconic zodiacs, Aries Point, Vertex, progressions, converse progressions, planetary returns and medical astrology.

Good Vibe Astrology Kim Falconer and Jeannette Maw

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Enchanting Eclipses

Square Aspects 101

Mercury Rx as Trickster

Dark Moon Savasana

Sextiles 101

Aspectarian for finding the conjunctions

Conjunctions 101

The 12th House

Mars 2019 into Aries

Planetary Game of Thrones

Planets Out of Bounds

Body Wisdom

Venus Rx 2018

What the YOD?

Solstice Dance 2018

Home Sweet Home

Cycles of Venus Michael Parkes

Cycles of Venus

Bone Thrower’s Oracle

Three Astrologers Talking

Last Call for 2017

Last Call for 2017

Mars and Empowerment

Compatible Astrology

Saturn Trine Uranus

Jupiter into Scorpio

Mercury Rx 2017

July Full Moon

Mercury & Self-Talk

Icarus Edge

Working with Asteroids

The Draconic Zodiac

Zero Degree Aries Point

Parallel Aspects

Solar Chart Solutions

Medical Astrology

The Vertex

Astro-Wheel of Life

Part of Fortune

Chiron as Personal Coach

Chart Patterns

What is Chart Tone?

The Asteroid Goddesses

Aspect Patterns

Midpoint Magic

Horary Astrology 101