Manifesting Romance with Astrology

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Welcome to Manifesting Romance with Astrology. This course is delivered by Jeannette Maw and Kim Falconer via your email inbox in 4 weekly units.

In Manifesting Romance, we explore your relationship to relationship. What is your natural, authentic style of love? It might surprise you how different it is to what you think! Everyone of us is wired for love a little bit differently, and the only way we get it wrong (and the only thing that trips up our success) is in not being true to who we really are.

For example, an Aquarius lover thinks of relationships differently to a Cancer lover.

The Scorpio way of dating is different to a Leo’s or Virgo’s.

And of course, we’re not just one sign. We have the entire chart to consider.

Manifesting Romance Topics Include:

  • Romance and ‘like attracts like’
  • What we express easily
  • What we repress easily
  • Our personal love vibe
  • Family and cultural myths
  • Synastry connections
  • People as mirrors & repeating patterns
  • People as permanent transits
  • Moon, Venus and love
  • Forming authentic relationships
  • Conscious creation and the loves of your life
  • Addictions and habits and set-points
  • Payoffs
  • Love in the vortex
  • Forming a new relationship to relationship

The course is delivered over a series of four weeks and includes:

  • Four call recordings
  • Natal and Synastry chart examples
  • PDF resources
  • Video tutorials
  • Ongoing access to a private forum where you can ask questions and talk to Kim and Jeannette
  • Support, Q & A and community for your Astro-LOA learning


If you aren’t Astro-savvy we recommend you take the free trial course – Essential Astro-LOA Tools beforehand, or concurrently with the Body Wisdom Course. It covers the four building blocks of Astrology: Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects in six recordings, delivered by Jeannette & Kim.

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