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If you’ve been frustrated with traditional astrological interpretations that seem to contradict the Law of Attraction, free will and deliberate creative powers, you’re in for a treat at Good Vibe Astrology. When you join GVA, you’ll learn how to leverage both together. Here’s how:

Everything is energy.

Including you, your thoughts, and your stars.

When you learn to recognize your control over the energy that flows within and around you, anything is possible.

That’s why we don’t believe that astrology has to dictate destiny or fate.

Rather, we see it as an energetic template to play with, in service of your highest dreams and desires.


Read about our guides, Jeannette & Kim.

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Full Membership at GoodVibeAstrology.com

GVA Circle is for those who want to use astrology to leverage their deliberate creation practice. As a full member, you will have:

starVIP Email access to Kim and Jeannette.

starThe Daily Astro-LOA Flash delivered to your email inbox, Monday – Saturday.

starAccess to the GoodVibeAstrology’s private Forum where we discuss the ins and outs of astrology and deliberate creations, run courses and share our question, answers and successes.

star Full Access to the discussions on any GVA post, page or call.  We’ll look at hands0on case studies, explore questions about your personal astrology, share ideas and knowledge and look at each others charts as examples.

star Monthly group calls – Participate in the monthly GVA Circle calls, usually two, or stream them online at a later date. You can always listen to the recordings at your convenience. Each month will have a theme and area of focus.

star Past Astro-LOA Courses You’ll have access to them all.

star Access to Kim’s video library on Youtube. As a GVA Circle member you can tap Kim on the shoulder at any time to discuss.

starAstro-LOA Pod-Casts with ways to leverage your personal astro and amp up deliberate creation.

starAccess to new 2018 – 2019 Courses including Body Wisdom.

starPrice is in US Dollars and paid via PayPal.

Please email us if you have any questions. We will be restructuring GVA in early January 2019, including an increase in the membership fees. This won’t apply to current members or anyone who wants to join GVA now at the discount rate. The options are:


1) Join GVA for $12/mo (recurring once every month – cancel at any time)

2) Join GVA for $127/year (recurring once every year – cancel at any time)

Thank you!

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