Mercury Rx as Trickster

The Fox and the Coyote by Kyoht on DiviantArt
The Fox and the Coyote by Kyoht on DiviantArt

As Mercury turns Rx,  you might be feeling a little edgy. Where is the Trickster going to stir up dust this time? What can you do to stay Zen and what can you learn from this energy shift? Is that even the goal?

Mercury Rx at 14° Cancer
LA – June 17th – 8:59 pm
NY – June 17th – 11:59 pm
LON – June 18th – 4:59 am
SYD – June 18th – 1:59 pm

Mercury Rx Dates for Your Calendar

June 2nd – Mercury enters the Rx Zone at 5° Cancer
June 18th – Mercury turns Rx Zone at 14° Cancer
July 12th – Mercury turns stationary direct at 5° Cancer
July 26th – Mercury leaves the Rx Zone at 14° Cancer


Mercury Rx Symbolism


Mercury Rx Cycle from Cafe Astrology
Mercury Rx Cycle from Cafe Astrology

First, to understand the astronomy of a retrograde planet, check out this 5-minute tutorial on my Youtube Channel- Planetary Retrogrades.

Next, know that metaphorically, the messenger of the gods is slowing down, going back over old territory, signalling a time for you to rethink your beliefs, MO, approach, actions, desires and above all, thoughts ans feelings in the area of life where you find 5° to 14° Cancer. If you aren’t sure, ask for help in the comments with a link to your chart.

Inner focus and reflection is important at this time, but that’s not all. Mercury Rx means the Trickster is afoot and anything is game.

Mercury Rx Do’s and Don’t’s

The most important approach to Mercury Rx is ‘mind over matter.’ If you THINK it’s going to be a stressful time where your car breaks down, computer melts, contracts are lost and keys go missing, the universe may happily oblige your expectations. It you trust that all paths are good, that you are willing, able and relaxed about slowing down and tuning in, then no matter what happens, or doesn’t happen out there in the world is simply be part of your joyful Feng Shui. For those that feel they need extra support at this time, her are some tips.


1. Buying electronics

2. Signing contracts

3. Forgoing a safety check before driving

4. Launching new projects and businesses

5. Loaning out your keys, passwords or pets


1. Rethink decisions

2. Review core values

3. Recreate the past

4. Reflect on desires

5. Reconnect with people from the past

6. Remove limiting beliefs

7. Rewind, relax, restore

Expect a Visit from the Trickster

Moana Official Trailer

Mercury morphs during the retrograde cycle. Like a skinwalker, of the Lakota’s Heyoka, he steps out of his fleet-winged garb and dons the form of the Trickster. The Sacred Clown.

You can recognize this energy instantly. At its core is disruption, the intention to pull on the threads of order so it will unravel. He brings surprise, metaphor, visions and synchronicity. He, or she, presents us with a new perspective, one that might both excite and frighten us. It certainly provides the opportunity for growth.

In the mythologies of many people, the Trickster, the mythic figure who embodies the unexpected (synchronicity) and who steps godlike through the cracks and flaws in the ordered world of ordinary reality, brings luck good and bad, profits and losses, all to instill growth and change.Combs et al

Why we Need the Trickster

The Trickster appears when we are stuck, either in a habit pattern that no longer serves us, a limiting thought about ourselves or others, an outmoded perception or a feeling of being trapped or out of touch with our vitality, our creative life force. When we get into such a state, sooner or later the Trickster comes to blow the roof off the house and cracks open the windows.

We encounter disruption – lose our car keys, wallet, job, family, friends, or unexpected news. Whatever form it takes, we are put in a position of having to make a radical change. Maybe it’s only for a day, as in missing keys. Maybe it’s for the rest of our lives, as in a relationship change. However it comes, it’s a sudden shake-up that renews the flow of energy to our hearts so that life has meaning again.

Tracking Mercury Rx in your Chart

By following the transit of Mercury through your chart, you can note the house(s) activated, any planets aspects and from the symbolism, meet the Trickster halfway. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Check the ephemeris for Mercury Rx positions
  2. Plot Mercury around the outside wheel of your chart
  3. Note the house(s) and any aspects to planets

Chart Example:





















We can see the 11th house of goals for the future, friends, groups and tribe activated, right between Venus and the South Node.

List the Transits as well:

Mercury Rx Transits to Natal


Also, a few important aspects link to this, T Mercury inconjunct Moon and opposite Mars! Lots to ponder.

Keywords for the Houses

HousesLet’s meet up in the comments, or on the GVA Forum to discuss where, how and why the Trickster is dropping in on your life!

See you there.



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