I absolutely love Kim's insights, super high vibe, and the easy way she helps guide me. I’m always impressed and in awe of how spot on she is.

- Jennifer M.

Thank you so much for the wonderful horoscope reading.  Va va va voooooo!  That's me revving up my engines!

- Kitty T.

Thank you so much, Kim! As always, your insights are spot on and super inspiring!

- Adrianne

This is probably the most profound reading I've ever had! Your insights have helped me to make sense of things...

- Kym S.

OMG ... this is AWESOME, Kim.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write back to my questions. I'm printing it out now and will read your answers again on paper!

- Maria

Such a blessing to receive your reading...  so much to prepare for... I loved your style and wisdom. Thank you!

- N. L.

Oh my gosh.  I'm a little speechless at your talk re my solar return and transits.  Holy moly.  Beyond the beyond and boy, my mind is blown - in totally a good awesome way.

- Jinger

I am so incredibly grateful for the reading - thank you! I feel like you have lifted the lid off and shone a light in.

- Karla C.

Thank you so much for your informative, detailed, wonderfully supported and guiding thoughts on all that I wanted to know, plus more!

- Carolyn M.

I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps as I read your words and recognized ME – oh my, it was as if you knew me better than I do.

- Pernille

This reading was a like lightening bolt directly to my soul! I'm still reeling...

- Greg

The reading was much longer and more detailed than I was expecting (YAY!!) and it is already having a powerful impact on my outlook and attitude.

- Lisa M.

WOWZERS. My reading with Kim totally rocked my world. It was extremely eye opening.

- Ariel.

This is amazing!! Thank you so much, you have no idea how your words came at just the right time!

- Karin

Wow, Kim, I’m still digesting your words! Again, it’s as if you’ve just opened a window to my soul and let me see what I never saw before!

- Pernile

Wow, what a great reading! I soooooo relate to what you're saying! I have felt so many of the things you are explaining.

- Hanneke