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Furthermore, you can read blog posts on every topic on the GVA site. More coming all the time! This is also where you can post your chart to the gallery, view other charts and support materials.

NOTE – all the content on the Blog marked ‘protected’ and the chart upload link is accessed with the password: goodvibeastrology


The Blog has new posts every month, the chart gallery and links.
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Click CHARTS on the main menu to upload or view charts.

Before you go, do upload an image of your natal chart by hovering over CHARTS in the top menu and clicking UPLOAD. (the upload password is goodvibeastrology). If you need help creating your chart online, or with any of the steps, please just email and we’ll give you a hand. We can create a chart for you sans birth data for your privacy as well.

You can also check the forum for calls, courses and events. If you can’t dial in for a live call, or stream it online, the recording will be available for downloading with a link on the Forum.
Finally, you’ll receive a reminder notice the day before each live call, and of course you can email us at any time.
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