Declinations in Jennifer’s Natal Chart

Just watched the declinations video and noticed that I have two sets of declinations in my natal chart:

Parallel - Jupiter + North Node

Contra Parallel - Venus + Uranus

My intention of uploading this file is to post it in the forum to ask questions and gain a better understanding of what these mean and how best I can purposefully untilise this energy. :)


Jacqueline (Portland)

Here is my natal chart with Urania, Karma and the Jacqueline named asteroid as well as the usual asteroids and points.

Anne Bolender - Solar return chart Dec 12 2018 - Dec 11 2019

Greetings Kim, Jannette and everyone. I recently re-joined GVA after being away for a couple of years. Today, December 12, is my birthday and I am posting my Solar Return Chart here.

Revised copy for Game of Thrones of GJM aka TripleF

Been told I missed one arrow...seen it...changed it!