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bee-705412_640Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Weekly Chart Chat.

Put your hand up if you want to participate. The rules are simple. To have your chart/question discussed, jump in on the comments. Also, make sure your chart is in the gallery.

A note about uploading your charts. For Chart Chat, please create charts with the 10 major planets only. There are a lot of students dropping in here, and seeing a plethora of trans-Neptunes, asteroids, midpoints etc is going to make their eyes glaze over. Do include the part of fortune and a relevant asteroid if you are going to talk about what it means, otherwise, basic inclusions only. Thanks!

This is a supportive learning environment; all questions are valid. We want your input too, on others questions. Have a go!

What is Weekly Chart Chat?

Weekly Chart Chat is where we look at a current manifesting and/or astrological question in your life. For example, we might talk about a transit, natal aspects or synastry in YOUR chart, along with a desire or goal. People ask things like, How can I manifest more money?  How do I leverage Saturn transiting my 3rd house?  Is this the best time to pitch my book, project, proposal? Do I HAVE to gain weight with Jupiter transiting my Ascendant? Or even, Where are the missing documents?

There are no limits to what you can ask in Chat Chart.

Is there a Weekly Chart Chat Structure?

It’s informal. Just post a few words about the situation. Usually people like to include what they want to manifest along with how they see the transit, synastry, etc helping or getting in the way. Don’t worry. It’s not lengthy or complete. A sentence or two is fine. And then, we are all free to chime in and discuss the best manifesting techniques, the transit ect. Hopefully some great discussions comes from this, with reports of inspirational results!

How to Get Started with Weekly Chart Chat

The Weekly Chart Chat horoscopes, blurbs and discussions are posted here. Your natal chart (sans birth data for privacy, if you like) will be in a mini-gallery on this page, so go ahead and upload your chart in the Align with the Stars gallery, if it isn’t there already. Your question/blurb goes in the comments. It’s great if you include what YOU think is happening. That’s ground zero, where it all begins.

Thank you Shellinthesky for getting the ball rolling. We have some fabulous transits out there right now, and intriguing natal charts. Let’s take a look!

Post in the comments and I’ll sort the charts.

See you there!







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